Discovery One aspires to be the most dynamic esports gaming platform for passionate and professional gamers. Our approach towards the industry is to make an inclusive ecosystem by creating opportunities for skilled gamers wishing to transition into a professional one. We offer the most exciting events for gaming fans and gamers alike. Discovery One was founded in 2022 with the inspiration to showcase the next generation of gaming.


Discovery One aims to revolutionise the esports industry in Bangladesh, by organizing leagues and tournaments both online and LAN. We are also able to host these tournaments between international teams, giving an opportunity and a strong platform to Bangladeshi gamers who want to showcase their talent in the global stage.
Discovery One will also be providing gaming devices and accessories, that can be showcased and advertised in the tournaments.

Our engine

The very essence of Discovery One was born online, as our founders met on game chat, began discussing their ideas and the rest is history. Their passion for gaming and their drive to nurture the esports industry to the next level, is the only fuel we use to power our vessel. Discovery One Limited is a joint venture of Dekko ISHO Venture Capital and Paramount Venture Capital. Both of these VC firms are sister concerns if two of the largest conglomerates in Bangladesh. Discovery One Limited is already the biggest force in esports in Bangladesh and will soon be a force to be reckoned with on a global scale.


To be the pioneer of the esports industry by creating opportunities for gamers in the international ecosystem.


To organize successful esports tournaments with professional esports organizations, and manufacture industry leading gaming devices.