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Discovery One aspires to be the most dynamic, innovative and exciting Bangladesh esports platform for passionate and professional gamers. Our approach towards the industry is to make an all inclusive ecosystem by creating opportunities for skilled gamers wishing to transition into a professional career. We offer nail-biting events for gaming fans and gamers alike. Discovery One was founded in 2022 with the inspiration to showcase the next generation of gaming.

Unlock your full potential.

Our goal is to be the pioneer of our national esports industry by creating opportunities for gamers in the international ecosystem.

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Discovery One Bangladesh Esports Platform
D1 Cup Season 1
Discovery One
D1 Cup Season 2
Fifa Royale 2023 Celebrations
FIFA Royale
UK University to Launch Esports Bachelor's Degree Program in 2025
D1 Mobile Mania 2024 powered by Airtel
Mobile Mania 2024

D1 Cup: the real
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Discovery One Limited aims to be the exemplary leader in the national esports realm by providing fair, respectable events both virtually and physically for contenders and viewers.